Punjab's first heart & diabetes super-specialist


Chief Intervention Cardiologist & Diabetologist

MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM (Cardiology), M.Sc Diabetics (U.K)

Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill is a pioneer super specialist for Heart and Diabetes. He has acquired medical degrees from a very prestigious institution in the foreign country. After receiving degrees and practising in foreign countries, he is now serving in Jalandhar with high quality and yet affordable healthcare. Understanding the need for immediate and easily accessible medical attention, he has contributed himself mainly to the treatment of various heart problems and diabetes too.

Diabetes and Heart problems are the two major lifestyle diseases of the modern era. However, with his vast experience and in-depth knowledge, Dr Gurbeer is providing superior quality and accurate treatment to every patient at his hospital located in Jalandhar. The hospital is a one solution for all types of diabetic and heart problems.

Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill is an also consulted by patients to prevent these lifestyle diseases. He also guides patients with right eating habits and fitness tips to prevent these diseases.

With the advanced medical equipment and treatment facilities at his hospital, he is able to serve patients with the best treatment. Besides cardiac and diabetic treatment and medicines, he is also offering services in the realm of neurology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology.

We are proud to serve other surrounding areas, including Akron, Ellet, Goodyear Heights, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Munroe Falls, Hudson, Mogadore, Kent and Brimfield, OH.

Diabetes commonly known as sugar problem is affecting a very large population in India today. However, the early diagnosis of diabetic symptoms can prevent the disease to reach an advanced level. With advanced medical technology and medicines, it is now possible to prevent and even cure diabetes. However, problems like Diabetes and Heart ailments require regular monitoring and medical attention. Hence, he inspires his patients for regular follow-ups and check-ups to keep them healthier and help them fight against these life-threatening diseases.

Sisko Team