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Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill, The Noblest Cardiologist to the Last Mile

The new era of technological advancements and modern innovations has transformed our way of life, making it faster, more connected, experiencerich, very comfortable, and enjoyable. This transformation also brought with it new lifestyle challenges. Today, diseases and disorders caused by inactivity or hyperactivity, a fast-paced lifestyle leading to poor eating habits, rising pollution levels, hypertension, and stress are wreaking havoc on people's health.

Architect Of Hope, Rescuing Hearts Without The Need For Stents

In the complexity of India’s bustling healthcare landscape, where the demand for cardiac interventions often takes centre stage, Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill emerges as a guiding light - a follower of ethical practice and patient-centric care. As the lone interventional cardiologist in India championing against indiscriminate stenting, Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill is a medical maverick, having rescued over 35,000 patients in the past five years without resorting to stents or surgery.

Invisible Alarms: Uncovering the Subtle Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart attacks, also known as myocardial infarctions, are often associated with chest pain or discomfort. However, it's crucial to recognize that heart attacks can manifest in ways that are not always obvious. In fact, some heart attacks occur with minimal or no chest pain at all. These "silent" symptoms can be particularly dangerous as they may delay prompt medical attention. Being aware of these silent symptoms is crucial for early detection and timely intervention.

Heart Attacks in the Young: An Emerging Health Concern

Heart attacks, once considered a health issue mainly affecting older adults, are increasingly becoming an emerging concern in the young population. While heart attacks in young individuals are relatively rare, their impact can be profound, not only on the affected individuals but also on their families and communities.