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Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill is a pioneer heart and diabetes super specialist in Punjab. The modern lifestyle disorders of heart failure and diabetes are chronic diseases that need right and well-timed treatment.

Right treatment at the right time can reduce the chances of worst conditions. Heart failures are also life-threatening and can prove fatal if not diagnosed and treated immediately. The treatment for heart diseases and diabetes involve a right balance of medication, treatment, and diet. Dr. Gurbeer Singh at Oxford Hospital is providing accurate treatment for managing and curing both the diseases.

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Heart Failure Treatments

Heart failure is a very common ailment in which the heart reduces to pump sufficient blood to the body. It can result in high blood pressure or high BP and coronary artery problems. In extreme cases, the result is heart attack.

The modern medical science has various treatments available for heart failures. Depending upon the symptoms and intensity of the disease, Dr. Gurbeer Singh recommends best medication. The major medication include ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and diuretics.

If the severity of the heart problem is high, patients are recommended minor or major surgeries. Dr. Gurbeer Singh is providing all the heart related surgeries to gift a longer life to the patients. Oxford Hospital under the care and supervision of Dr. Gurbeer Singh is today one of the best place to get accurate solution for heart problems.

Treatments for Diabetes

Treatment of diabetes depends upon the intensity of the disease and its type. At Oxford Hospital, diabetic patients get right consultation and medication. The Doctor also educates the patients to improve health by maintaining right diet plan. Diabetes is a disease that brings hundreds of complications along. To fight back such complications, patients are given appropriate treatments and recommendations.

Dr. Gurbeer Singh is an expert Endocrinologist and offers best treatment for all the types of Diabetes. The treatment for Diabetes at his hospital covers below procedures and many others.

  • Diet consultation for diabetic patients
  • Pre-Diabetes conditions
  • Oral medication
  • Syringes and pre-filled pens
  • Insulin pump
  • A balanced nutrition is a part and partial of the diabetes care. Patients get regular consultation to help them control diabetes. All the required diagnosis and tests are carried out to offer precise treatment to the patients. Our dedicated and well-trained medical and para-medical staff carries out testing, reporting, follow-up, and patient care with utmost accuracy. All the advanced procedures to treat these major ailments of the modern day are available at one place.

    With Oxford Hospital near you, you don’t have to worry about your medical needs. Good health is precious and cannot be replaced by anything. Through advanced and accurate medication, our Dr. is continuously striving to distributed quality medical care, good health, and longer life to the patients.

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