Dr. Gurbeer Singh Gill

Parliament of Ontario, Canada Invited Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill to Share his Expertise in Treating more than 21000+ Heart Patient without Stent

Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill is a VISIONARY . A man with PURPOSE in life. Professionally, he is self-righteous and self-disciplined . He is a medical wizard ,who has performed 21000 miracles ….. and counting!

Recently ,the Parliament of Ontario, Canada invited him to share his expertise in treating heart patients without any operation or invasive procedure . After his i discourse, he was given a standing ovation. His insight was incredible . Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Deputy Premier and the Health Minister, Slivia Johns, requested him to collaborate with the Canadian government for a heart institute in Canada.

He was given a rare honour by offering him the official chair of the Health Minister of Ontario, Canada.This imprint of respect is extraordinary and path breaking. This prototype of recognition is historical and unprecedented.

Afterwards , in a discussion about 21000 patients who were treated by him without implanting stent, he said that India needs more doctors who wear the white coat with dignity and pride.

A lone crusader and a man with a mission , Dr Gill established Oxford Hospital in Jalandhar. His motto was to serve and treat heart diseases without expensive operations or surgical procedures. In a short but illustrious journey, his work got recognition by national and international cardiac organisations.He has been honoured for his immaculate achievements by Indian Health Ministry and Punjab Health Department , by the legendary cricketer Sunil Gavasakar . He has been invited to speak about the best medical practices and ethics by a spectrum of Indian cardiac institutions and organisations. Dr.Gill feels that the understanding of the disease empowers and augment the treatment process.

India is becoming the ‘HEART ATTACK CAPITAL’ of the world . There are new developments in medicinal sciences , like A.I. Operations etc . Thus, making machines into doctors . In this kind of ecosystem, only a few doctors understand the emotional needs of the patients. Where most doctors are going in for an invasive procedure, Dr.Gill is doing amazing treatment for people. No surgery and no costly investigations that confirm only what history and examination have already been ascertained , neither investigations that do not alter management of the disease.

On asking, Dr. Gill said that heart diseases are caused by many factors, which may or may not be in our control. But , after the patient reaches my hospital, there are few lifestyle changes, alongwith medicine and positive attitude which is needed to help recovery. Obviously, Dr Gill makes it sound much easier than what it actually is.

So…where does this magic come from? Well, it is a result of being a complete, integrated person, trying to help other people by being understanding and caring . And at the same time, also knowledgeable, prepared, and ready to give his best—as good as is possible.He is someone who cares about people, not just about the illnesses.

He is a person who has contributed so much to cardiology in recent years. Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. Secure in the knowledge ,he is always trying to be better as human being and even better as a doctor . He believes that good doctors are willing to listen to their patients and gather together the full array of resources—medical, human, social, and spiritual .

Dr Gill contribute to his patients’ holistic healing . He is a category of his own. He is an inspiration, a person who has contributed immensely to cardiology in recent years. Being human, for him is more important than being a professional.

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